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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 13, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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you can see the first edge of storm moving into california right now. here's how it looks outside. clouds begin to gather from the abc 7 exploratorium camera at pier 15. good evening thanks for joining us tonight. i'm amma. >> i'm dan ashley. the storm will bring fierce wind, rain
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measuring in inches and even snow in the sierra. >> let's begin withdrew and live doppler 7hd. >> still 6 to 12 hours away from the first drop. we see the rain off the coast line. storm right now still well to the north heaviest of the rain at medford, oregon, eureka right now and cold front will sink its way to the south while many are sleeping overnight tonight and really bring rain for the morning and early aftrnoon and each every storm this season and what we track on friday is a two moderate storm pretty healthy system for october. half inch to inch and a half of total rain and wind gust anywhere from 20 to 40 miles per hour. let's go hour by hour on the 5:00 o'clock early friday morning. heaviest of the rain yellow and orange on the screen still north of santa rose at clear lake and awe could i a. 7 or 7:00 o'clock in the morning just starting to see light showers south of the
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golden gate in the north bay. we are starting to see the heavy downpour development it's probably not until 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning san francisco oakland starts to see the wet weather really pick up and then gets south bay you will see some rain but probably won't be until the easterly afternoon. we take a closer look at the storm and another storm moves in over the wean. how it will affect your plan and forecast coming up. >> we have team coverage on the preparation going on ahead of the rain. begin with 7 news reporter laura anthony in the north bay. >> doesn't want to be caught she thought it best to stock up on a little sand before the rain moves in. >> the make sure. >> public works supervisor clyde says they too are ready. >> we expect some high wind and 2 to three inches of rain so
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right now most of our crew are mobilizing the equipment. >> that is why pg&e has tremendous crew like this one in mill valley trimming things up ahead of time. >> we are going through making sure that anything that could fall in to our line make contact with our lines and growing too close are removed. >> down the road these city crew focus on clearing debris from storm drains. meanwhile in downtown novato we found people enjoying the last of the sunshine at least for a little while. >> one thing i node to do to empty the rain barrel so the first flush of the rain will get caught them in the empty beryl bear richlt i'm as prepared as i should be because i don't think it's going to affect me much. it will wreck my tennis game. can't play tennis can't play golf. tu. >> tough to get the golf and tennis and tomorrow here in novato public work, the crew tell me their main concern are
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the trees and the wind not so much the rain because the ground at this point is obviously not saturated. they are concerned mostly about the winds not knocking loose limb that have been prime to fail because of the drought. in novato, abc 7 news. >> and places recently burned by wildfires face a higher risk from the storms because of the threat of mud slides where people in the south bay are preparing for after the loma fire burned nearly 5000 acres of santa clara county in the past two weeks. david louie continues team coverage with look at the storm preparation happening there. >> the business unknown is how capable is the soil in the burn area of absorbing rainfall. some areas denuded of vegetation. brush. trees and grass normally help percolate down to the aquifer. study under way but the results won't be ready fora week or tw two. next storm hours away. >> santa clara county requested a water shed emergency response team to come in and do evaluations on the soils to see
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if there's any kind of increase danger because of water not being able to penetrate through certain parts of the burn area. >> in other areas fire break by cal fire crew prevent the flames from advancing create another issue. >> all the this turned up. item grateful but it creates slush. >>reporter: some hill sides already are slide prone. free falling rock are evidence and rain and you might have a mud slide. if it happens what will resident do. >> we are not necessarily on our own. we have some resource that is i didn't see in the e-mails that we might be able to get in and help us with soil stabilizatio stabilization. >> others are going to free sand bag filling sites put tout divert floodwater. she knows the heart break that claimed her parents home. >> took out the whole house and the mud was up to the ceiling so it was back.
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>> pg&e put out bag around the base of utility pole to protect them in a flood. abc 7 news. >> until walnut creek tree trimmers tree service crew scheduled to work 6 days aweek into the new year to take down drought damage trees. oakland hill city public work crew sweeping up leaves and clearing out drain standing water on narrow streets. >> like this one here. come down. the debris. buildup. clog the storm drain. >> east bay mud is welcoming the rain. reservoir are currently at 73 percent. but they could always use a little bit more. >> up to an inch of rain could fall across san francisco to. we tell you how the cities preparing just a little bit later in the newscast. >> now we have up to the minute weather information for you any time you wish on the abc 7 news apafter you open the app just tap on the temperature at the top of the right corner there.
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>> get custom forecast for where you live or work. if you still need to down load the 7 news app just be sure to unable push alert to get notice about the changing forecast on the phone or tablet. >> let's move on now to your voice your vote. in race for president donald trump is in front of denying allegations that he sexually assaulted women. republic cap nominee attack the news organizations that published reports accusing him of groping and kissing women against their will. kenneth has the story. >> trump campaign really inappropriate conduct including sexual assault. >> these people are horrible people. horrible, 0horrible liars. >> the women who did not report the allegations to authorities at the time came forward after the recent release of 2005 boast about women from trump. he claims it was locker room talk.
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>> they let you do it when you are arrest stachlt you can do anything. grab them by the (bleep). >> accuser jessica looedz hillary clinton supporter told "the new york times"trump sat next to her on a plane more than 30 years ago. >> somehow or another the armrest in the seat disappeare disappeared. all of a sudden his hands were all over me. it was like an octopus. likes 6 arms. he was all over the place. >> clinton reacted in california. >> we have already learned donald trump advertise. >> clinton fundraiser but powerful help on the trail. >> this was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predator behavior. >> every time he talks proves himself unfit and unqualified for this office. >> trump received back up from the running mate. >> categorically denied any of those allegations. >> trump says evidence approved the accuser are lying.
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he plans to release the information soon. kenneth abc washington. >> third and final presidential debate airs wednesday night here on abc 7. we'll be live from the university of nevada las vegas and watch it wednesday over at 6:00 o'clock on abc 7. valuable tool at abc 7 and help you prepare for election day. just click on the icon for the your voice your vote voter edgy election guide and enter the zip code and street address. get a comprehensive resource showing you the candidate and measure on the local about lot as well as details on where when and how to vote where you live. you can even create a list with your choice to help you keep track of the personal ballot. that's on this web site and on the 7 news app. >> san jose police arrested a ymca youth counselor committing lewd acts on a minor. the girl takened his after
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school program 25-year-old taylor smith was a counselor out at the middle school. police say the sexual contact happened last month but not saying if it happened at the school. there are letters home to parents notifying them of smith arrest. >> sky 7 was over the hyde street pier as crew work all morning to raise a sink boat from san francisco bay. crew hand cranked a cable to slowly pull the boat up. pump then cleared water from inside the boat so that it could completely emerge from the bay. >> pretty good. surprisingly all surprised there wasn't much damage. no window blown out or anything like that. so for being under looks prosecute it good. >> 30 people had rescued from the water when the boat sanction fleet week. police investigate whether it was overloaded over crowded on the boat and if there were enough life vests on board for everyone. good news there was no environmental damage to the bay
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by the sunken boat. >> much more ahead for you on this thursday night. coming. the. >> also hewlett-packard announces new round of job cut. another company is about to do some massive holiday hiring. >> and rain is on the way
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police are warning residents north of uc berkeley campus to pay close attention to the surroundings after 6 pedestrians were robbed. robbery started happening last saturday. you can see the location of the robbery on this map. basesed on the description of suspect and close proximity of the crimes detectives believe the cases are related. robeused a gun to take a lap top and backpack. they travel in large group and pay attention to your surroundings. san francisco in the state closer to getting speed camera. that's what the city municipal transportation agency wants and last tonight police commissioner threw their weight behind the idea. vic lee has more. >>reporter: this is what we are talking about. automated speed enforcement. more commonly known as speed camera. >> they reduce speeds. they over time the number of citations that are issued come down which suggest they are actually changing behavior.
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>>reporter: director ed has been working with legislatorstod legalize speed camera in california. last night he got a strong all ally. the police commission. >> use of speed camera. supporters automated speed enforcement point to city where is they worked and reducing traffic fatalities. in washington, d.c. by 73 percent. portland 46 percent. chicago by a third. nicole hails from australia where there are speed cameras. >> got a ticket in the mail. you have to pay the fine and sometimes you get points deducted off the license. >>reporter: mounted on street like red light camera but they want speed camera to shoot only the license plates and not drivers faces and would not be a manufacturing violation. >> points on your license. it's a modest fine. would only kick in if more than 10 miles an hour above the
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speed limit. >> opinion from the public they are all over the map. >> most of the time you troy to go with the flow of traffic and i don't think you should be busted if doing that. >> i wouldn't mind. >> finding the citizenry to raise funds is not the way a good government should govern. >> so i question the motives. >> speed camera if legalize could become part of the mayor vision zero program. to eliminate all traffic fatalities by the year 2024. vehicle lee, abc 7 news. >> verizon could change or everyone back out of the deal to buy sunnyvale base yahoo. tell communication change of heart is a day that affected the accounts. the merger deal was signed in july. verify ides waiting for results of the investigation into the breach before deciding how to move forward. also verizon announce today it plans to close call centers in 5 states including california 1,000 jobs relocated from the rancho cordoba call center.
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>> hp says it will cut 3 to 4000 jobs over the next three years. in addition to 3000 job cuts already announced. hp has been grappling with slinking demand for p c and printer as more people use smart phones and store documents and photo on line. >> amazon gearing up for the holiday in a big way. retailer will higher more than 10,000 seasonal worker throughout california. the company has 3 facilities in northern california. newark, tracey and patterson and 4 more in southern california. >> all right. as we said at the top of rain is kochlingt the question is are you prepared. >> yes. weather team is prepared and as has you covered. >> high whip. heavy rains. floods. mud slides. with storms drive abc 7 news has you covered on all your favorite screens. >> breaking weather news right to you. when storms come you will know first. >> first one is a two on the scale. just click on the weather in
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the 7 news app. get current conditions or the detailed accu-weather 7 day forecast right down to the hour. >> with the 7 news after you can track storms in real tile as they move across the bay area. >> look like a windy and rainy messy commute. >> watch the accu-weather s forecast with the bay area most powerful weather radar live doppler 7 had. d. >> weather photo and video on social video using this app. >> tune in. you might just see your picture on air. >> follow the weather team on twitter and facebook for the latest updates. >> news app the source for weather. >> powered by the bay area most experienced weather team. >> you can get the 7 news app. and it's free. >> free and it works. really well. >> let's talk about the storms coming.
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>> storms start in the north bay tomorrow morning at 5 in the afternoon this front work its way in the south bay bringing wet weather to the entire region. we see that we are quiet overhead. clouds are building and you can see the rain right now still about 100 miles away from even entering santa rosa. still several hours to go with the first in the north bay at 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. current temperatures out there right now. we are holding in the 60's across the region. 61 in san mateo o. 65 oakland. 65 danville. 67 in brentwood. that's where we are overnight tonight and tomorrow you see high only in the 60's. maybe a couple warmer spots like fairfield con ordinary at 70 degrees but that is about it. let's talk about the rain headed our way. the scale brings back wet weather tomorrow morning when we track it's a 2 on friday. half inch to inch and a half of total rain and the winds gus gusting 22 to 40 miles per hou hour. hour by hour good evening the time stamp in the corner of the
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screen. 6:00 o'clock in the morning. heaviest of the wet weather still can find around santa rosa. light sprinkle around san francisco and along the peninsula. activity will be in to pick up by 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning. that's where you see this. san francisco, oakland heavier downpour making the presence known. it's probably not until 11:00 o'clock or 12 either one okay in the afternoon wet weather in the south bay and as it does it will taper to lighter showers but we will get some measurable rainfall at the system before it tapers to widely scattered showers friday evening. the other thing we all watch with the storm system is breezy conditions. win gust will show you tomorrow morning as the front manufactures through here winds gust to go 20 and 40 americans. then the front passes and in the wake of the front the winds will calm down and then by saturday tracking our next storm city. this will also be modern storm saturday night into suchbility winds strong with the next system. 40 to 50 miles per hour and another healthy dose of rain.
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tlt rain release first in the north bay and after sunset when the rain micks its way south of the golden gate on saturday then kind of hangs around on sunday. sunday morning and into the afternoon we'll be dodging some downpour throughout the second half of our weekend. the winds will be much stronger with the next system coming in. the wind gust show you saturday evening. i wouldn't be surprise have had we get winds gusting near 50 miles per hour and likely we have to do that again on sunday. you see a lot of locations getting very close to 40 miles per hour winds. we total up the two storms you will see we could see a healthy inch in most spots. we see monday morning as we count out the rain gauge i think a lot of spots over an inch. accu-weather 7 day forecast show you it is wet and windy tomorrow. same thing on saturday. probably a break saturday morning for the activity in the evening and sunday it's kind of all day event but out of here on monday we warm back up by
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wednesday and thursday and. >> thanks drew. >> up next. major step tonight in the revival of the largest land bird i ♪ this is the new comfort food.
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and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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the bay area reporter long time political editor wayne 40 has died. he covered san francisco political scene for decades in his our man friday column. he replaced harvey milk in the newspaper when milk won a seat on the board of supervisors. friday is known as gay rights pioneer who played a major role in the growth of lgbt political power. he was also former police commissioner. wayne friday struggle with parkinson's disease. he was 79 years old. >> now to major step toward the revival of the calf condor in california. national park service has condor chick hatched in the
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wild has flown out of the nest at the national park for the first time since the 18 90's. it's success story for largest bird as it continues to slow but steady path from near extinction. it's located in this area 80 miles south of san jose. >> stay with us. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up. preparing for the storms. biggest trouble spots to watch for in san francisco. also. what happens if a phone catches fire on the plane. airlines ready for the possibility. >> paralyze man first person who has his sense of touch >> paralyze man first person who has his sense of touch restored. life and death. 600 dollars. of abuse. join the california nurses association in voting yes on prop 61.
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>> paralyze man first person who has his sense of touch restored. you're 9 hours and 45 minutes into your quest. and the silver sword of garmúz is finally within reach. but now the one who needs an energy-orb is you. well good news. because jack in the box now delivers through doordash. so you can get all your favorites delivered right to your door. like my sriracha curly fry burger, with two tacos, halvsies and a drink. all in a munchie meal. saving the universe is hard. which is why i make ordering late night easy. delivery through the doordash app.
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new from jack in the box. is.
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we begin this half hour with the approaching rain.
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>> yes mission district often sees the worst affect from the heavy rain in the city. >> we have more. >>reporter: it has been a long time coming and atmosphere river rising. rain on the way. with it so much of what we would like to have for goten. slick streets. fallen trees and yes possible flooding. at times like these before the rain hits we have a balboa habit of revisiting trouble spots n.san francisco that would be folsom between 17th and 18th and hans who runs auto repair business has the pictures to prove it. >> the water going down at this point. >> year is 2004. careful about the terminology. >> we don't call ate flow. it's a sewer overflow. >>reporter: one that from time to time still rear the ugly manhole cover local tell us. >> block in particular. >>reporter: lisa own as model making company on 17th. water on the floor is a common occurrence in the rainy season and likely to remain so until san francisco public utility
9:31 pm
commissionen stall larger sewer pipe to handle the run off from twin peak. it's in the planning stages. mean time more than an inch of rain falls in 24 hours the p uc deploy barrier. they don't expect that to happen tomorrow. mean time. >> i hope we get sand bag this afternoon. they are free. >> yes. okay. >> people will get them. >> in summary this is don't forget your boots. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> now when the rain really starts coming down early tomorrow this is the place to see how it is affecting the morning commute. join us at 4:30 am on channel 7 for updates from mike and reports on the road conditions out there from 7 news traffic anchor alexis smith. >> hurricane nicole is swirling out to sea tonight but not after making direct hit on the tiny island country of bermuda. monstory category 3 storm larger than the country itself bringing 120 miles per hour
9:32 pm
winds. senior meteorologist rob shows winds. senior meteorologist rob shows us the storm >> tonight. hurricane nicole barely. >> atlantic second major hurricane in just two weeks. slamming the island with 120 miles per hour winds. police warn people on the radio take cover. >> we say at this point in time we need everyone inside. >> oh, my. >> not everyone did. the category 3 storm massive eye more than 30 miles across. big enough to engulf the entire island. john inside his home t as the eye wall approaches. >> water coming through the doors. whole house is shake. >> watch. the video shot as the eye passes over. calm short lived. wall collapsed. tree topple and roads washed out in nicole wake.
9:33 pm
>> that was rob reporting. hurricane clean up efforts expected to continue tomorrow morning. airport is expected to reopen as well. >> airlines are all respond to go the danger posed by lift i don't know eye on battery that ca. the bag come in different sizes and sealed shut with velcro and heavy duty zipper. designed to snuff out fires in smoking electronic. delta, alaska and burlingame base virgin america and other airlines including say they have procedures in place to deal with these kind of fires. world longest reigning monarch died. thailand royale palace say the king here passed away peacefully in a bangkok hotel. he became king in 1946. analyst say he anchor the south east asian country threw up
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heevl at home and neighboring country and blend of imagine east city and common touch. paralyze man has become the first person to have a sense of touch restored using a mind controlled robotic arm. 28-year-old nathan copeland lost sensation from the chest down after app accident 10 years ago. last year i became the first paralysis patient to tense a sensory enhanced robotic hand that he controls using just his brain. now the university of pittsburgh has wired sensor from the hand to nathan brain. he can feel just about every finger. advance could transform the lives of amputee and victims of spinal cord injuries. >> unmistakable voice of a generation. lyric of done dillan earn him the prices for literature. first musician to receive the honest. he's david muir. >> he changed music forever 6 decades ago.
9:35 pm
♪. >> today the nobel committee shocking everyone in the room. >> bob dillan. >> the first american to win nobel in literature in more than 20 years and first time ever awarded to musiian. so many of his lyric with profound. >> gather round people. >> civil rights movement. >> and the generation. >> in 1965 greatest songs of all time. >> like a rolling stone. the best piece. ♪rolling stone.
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>> what an icon. >> coming up next. you had aer from a hero. he talks about what life
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one of the hottest movie to hit theaters in month takes the amazing story of bay area man from the television to the big screen. sully starring tom hanks dram dramatizeing not only so-called miracle on the hudson but untold story of what happened after captain sully landed that plane on the water. the landing was one wild ride and so everything that happened to sully since. >> pilots, author, consultant
9:40 pm
speaker. now a movie star. who would have thought. never in 100 normal life time would even one of these things happen. >>reporter: what happened is an incredible journey turning unknown airline pilot into an instant is celebrity and american hero in all 208 seconds. remember the tower conversation as chilling as the river that was about to become a landing strip. >> okay which runway. >> seconds later they were water landing drama tiesed in the new move ooh, directed by clint eastwood stars tom hanks as sully. >> did you know it at the time. >> yes, i was aware of it at the time. that night i called home from the hotel in new york and talked to lori here in the bay area and i said i think our lives have changed forever. >> decades in the cockpit prepared him to land in the hudson but no training for what happened afterward.
9:41 pm
first phone call from president bush. days later invitation from the incoming president barack obama to the inauguration. then came every honor and experience from throwing out the first about itch to the superbowl to grand marshall of the tournament of roses parade of course all the the. v interview including with me his second after sitting down with katie couric. >> you were not entirely comfortable in front of a camera. >> no. that was a huge leap of faith this was a huge stretch for me. >> you have become comfortable. >> i have. it's amazing what you can learn to do. >> including acting. sully went well beyond the comfort zone on jimmy kimmel. in costume and character as tom hanks looked on. >> i'm thomas hanks. big movie star. >> did you have fun. >> i did. we had a lot of fun and we had to keep it secret. >> year since the hire kill on the hudson he made the most of the opportunity that came his way financial reward and chance to lobby for improved airline
9:42 pm
safety. >>reporter: first thing that needs to change. >> they have to understand and remember that administrative decisions certainly budget decision have safety im mr. i indication. >>reporter: a different platform now and different ability to focus light on some of the cause that is must be he enormous privilege. >> it is. it's also an obligation. we are able to support them in much larger and more effective way than we ever could before. >> finally from the man who spent decades seeing the country from 30,000 feet he now observe it at sea level e.are you concern when you see is what happening in the country. >> concerns in my life. >>reporter: why. >> so much is at stake. >> he's an optimist. he believes deeply in the country and all it stands for. is what next, hard to predict. everything that happened since elaned flight 1549 safely on the water has been beyond anything he could have every imagined. one thing is clear. the story of the miracle on the
9:43 pm
hudson and man who pulled it off continues to resonate including now and the movies. >> certainly incredible. >> all right we'll be right back with a check of the weather. >> we track the storm with live doppler 7hd. >> and we are honoring the market with post to our instagram feechltd you and the friend and family invited to celebrate the day of the dead hotel difficult at the oakland museum of california. museum 22 annual festival begins on sunday t.detals on instagram
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all right. update you on the storms coming this way. >> drew has more. >> we are on the job and another storm moving in over the weekend. we have cloudy skies up above
9:47 pm
doppler showing you the rain just to the north of you making the presence known. moving into your eureka with heavy downpour moving our way the next 12 to 24 hours. coastal flood advisory in effect. 6 to 9 feet so there could be a little bit coastal flooding with the high tide and rain fall. high and most spots you hold in the 60's a lot of cloud cover and rain first thing in some areas. chance of rain for the week ahead. first storm arrives tomorrow and second storm arrives saturday evening into sunday. also a moderate storm on the storm impact scale. buy the two storms together and through monday morning you see most spots we are thinking we see over an inch of rainfall once it's said and done and more in the north bay. >> next 7 days. rain on the way on friday. break friday night to saturday morning next storm moves in saturday night and last through sunday and then we start to try
9:48 pm
out and warmer on tuesday and tipping the trend into wednesday and thursday. >> all right thanks drew. >> if you look for something fun to do this weekend we have got you covered. >> tom. >> hood line takes us to here as derek made his name on glee he actually went to saint ignacius high school in san francisco. ignacius high school in san francisco. now he's a troubled ♪that's daryn from the hit show glee and here is as head way from the first ever tour them playing at the golden gate theater. rock concert and musical and still isn't exactly a good description of what you will see as he plays san francisco this month. >> i wonder what the what that teaches you about being a man. >> oh. that's a great question.
9:49 pm
i always do this. it's great. issued wear make up and heels all the time. i don't know what the deal is. i look way better than a dude. >> they are amazing and happens to be a very good sport. >> if you were in glee still right now what kong song would you most want to cover. >> pop pop it's show tile. show time. >> watch me and play a game chris examination go to our web site for a web only bonus video. find out what else is going on in the city this week we of course have a licensing. go out and put on some make up. have a great weekend. >> fifth annual autumn light festival under way tonight in oakland. >> event features live music. art. fire dancer. food and drink. here's some of the artwork that you can see. festival continues through saturday night. >> tickets 20 dollars in advance and support non-profit
9:50 pm
friends of the garden at lake merit. >> looks like fun. >> sports. >> the giants are out of it but dodge course lose. >> consolation prize. >> so close. >> he does his madison impersonation or tries to. to keep the donors alive in play offs this was an unbelievable game. play offs this was an unbelievable game. sports is next
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>> good evening everybody. fighting for their play off lives. dodgers and national lock up in a gem. game 5 of the national league division series the dodgers resorted to use the ace kersha kershaw. wonder where they got that ide idea. to try to save the game in the 9th. former giants skipper baker on the mound. they with going well until the 7th inning. pride of palo alto.
9:54 pm
leads off with a solo home tore tie the game at one. start of 4 run inning. bottom 7. pinch hitting. chris. a two run jack. it's gone off of dayton and dodgers cling to a lead so l.a. goes with the closer in the seventh. jansen strike out anthony for the bases loaded. works 2innings. bottom 9. kershaw coming in to close with two on and gets this and strike him out to end it. for the dodgers. win and take the series 3-2 and advancing to face the cub in the national league championship series. he pull a baum. scary giants clubhouse today. they held the 2016 season post pretty much completely cleaned out. big press conference started and after the exit few days ago you can expect one of the empty locker to be ouvd by new close
9:55 pm
closer. >> explored all option and do the same thing relative to free agent trade-in ternl option and explore every opportunity to make sure that no 9th inning goes unstaffed. resources will be ex paned as necessary. to get us there. in every case that closer did come to the jinlts. they went elsewhere for more than we could have been involved in. the. >>reporter: giants committed to spending money. on to the nfl. one thing i love about jim kelly he doesn't mess around. doesn't dance around questions. may not like the answer he gives you but he won't stand there and just jibber jabber. that explains him naming kaepernick for sunday game in buffalo. statistics tell you he's pretty much both under 60 percent. cap clearly lost his confidence last year then had slew of injuries and 3 surgery. trying to be competitive
9:56 pm
advantage in waiting to name a starter jim kelly said no point in that. >> we live in a society no. 1 that there are no secret so if colin took the rep with the one on tuesday, wednesday, thursda thursday, somebody mole would have told them would was taking all the rest. you know what i mean. i don't think when you out smart people in the national football league we are all of a sudden in the second quarter of the play that he will tear up the game plan and screwed and don't know how to defend them. way over analyze the whole thing. i don't buy the whole stick the banana in the tailpipe and say the car is broken. it is what it is. made the maneuver on tuesday. i'll announce on tuesday. >> banana in a tailpipe. mole going. the philip rivers threw for this and touch down to henry. 7 nothing chargers. trying to many could back. cj anderson revving to go down.
9:57 pm
spectacular effort and touch down gets called back. kind of nice for the broncos. san diego wins 21-13 and the raiders in first place in the afc west at 4 and 1. you may want to circle november 3rd on your calendar. warriors host oklahoma city that night. west brook highly motivated to face the old teammate kevin durran. he said he feels grateful to be on a warrior squad with a bunch of players who are selfless and enjoy the game in the purest form. obviously wasn't that way in okc where west brook dominated the ball today. west brook asked for the quote. >> is it hard not to take everything that it says. it's a shot. >> for me it doesn't matter.
9:58 pm
to the ice shark pretty good last night in the season opening win over the kings. next 5 games on the east coast. they decided about the roster. 18 skaters contributed last tonight and something that you really need if you have another stanley cup run. >> key for us this year. something we have been continuing trying to build and it's big part of the game. pressure the puck everywhere on the ice. it's hard work. world cup and a little bit older. we have it lined up to roll guys out there and it's nice as a coach. we are in match up. >> mainly league soccer quake in colorado. howard gets in a shoving match there. gordon trying to get the ball.
9:59 pm
73 minute. eliminate from play off contention. 2-1 rapids. the final. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. dave roberts former giants did a great job of managing tonight for the donors. unbelievable win for them. coming up tonight at 11:00. storm watch. tracking the storm moving in to the bay area. soak the morning commute. sandhya has updated accu-weather forecast. >> getting ready for the weekend rain. hush to the north bay get ahead of the wet weather. 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> all for now for all of us here. >> all for now for all of us here. >> see you again at 11:00.
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. coming up, a young ph.d. student vanishes while conducting research in her yale university campus laboratory. cavalluzzi: they know she is somewhere in that lab. announcer: after an exhaustive search, the bride-to-be's lifeless body is discovered.


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